July 11, 2007

I Love Lucy Rated Tops

I Love Lucy has been rated at the top of a list of shows that have influenced the direction and viewership of TV by Ron Martin, contributor to 411mania. As he states, "Certain shows come along that change the way we watch TV. Sometimes, the show is designed to do just that. Sometimes, the show just does."

Besides Lucille Ball opening the door for women on TV and Hollywood, the column explains that the show, I Love Lucy was the first to use a Three Camera technique still in use today in front of a live audience. Prior to this, only one camera was used and the shows were recorded in New York and then broadcast to the rest of the country with canned laughter in the background.

Although there were leading ladies on TV and film prior to Lucy, she was the one that made us look at a show where the main character was not a man, but a female. Lucy was accepted in an era of male dominated characters and was one of their equals. She also broke the conservative stagnation where pregnancy was not mentioned let alone seen. What were we thinking back then? Why was America embarrassed about something that has been since the beginning of time? The roots of Conservatives viewing Sex as abhorent goes beyound this post!

I Love Lucy has stood the test of time and is still on TV today over 50 years from when it first aired. That alone says enough.

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