July 25, 2007

Every Documented Story on Lucy Donated to Lucy-Desi Center

The Lucy-Desi Center is the recipient of three large binders with hundreds of clippings from the local Jamestown, New York, newspapers that document every mention of Lucille Ball up until 1974. These were collected by area resident Duane Johnson. Mr. Johnson’s story was reported today in the Jamestown Post-Journal.

Duane Johnson, pictured here holding one of the binders containing the newspaper clips, started out reseaching the Jamestown native's stories from local newspapers. His research has filled three binders of Lucille Ball news clips from 1930 through 1975.

Although he has made this wonderful donation of his time and materials to the Lucy-Desi Center, he isn't completed yet. He is continuing his research with several years of newspapers to go through yet, all the while enjoying his endeavors into one of Jamestown's most famous red-head, Lucille Ball.

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