June 06, 2007

Lucille Ball's Snail Waiter Dead at 92

Maurice Marsac, who played the French Waiter in the episode Paris At Last died of cardiac arrest May 6th in Santa Rosa, California. He was 92, born March 23, 1915 in La Croix, France, Marsac played many roles as a waiter in his long career.

His role in the Lucy episode is unforgetable, it's one of my favorites. He serves Lucy escargot, which she does not realize is snails. When he brings them to her, she comments "Waiter, this food has snails in it." When she learns that this is what escargot is, she then says, "Well, I might be able to eat them if I had ketchup." A fiasco erupts and she winds up in jail (not for the escargot but for counterfeit francs).

Another episode of "I Love Lucy" that Marsac appears in is Ricky Asks for a Raise. In this episode he also played the headwaiter in Ricky's Tropicana Club.

You can read more about Marsac's passing in the LA Times.

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