April 24, 2007

The Long Long Trailer and Forever Darling SoundTracks

As reported on Screen Archives Entertainment, a soundtrack has been released on the musical scores in the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz movies, The Long, Long Trailer as well as Forever, Darling.

No soundtrack albums were released to these films, despite fine orchestral scores and vocal contributions by the stars. The Long, Long Trailer features a short, classy score by British composer Adolph Deutsch based on the pre-existing song, "Breezin' Along With the Breeze," which Lucy and Desi sing during a happy moment. The complete stereo score is included as well as the Lucy and Desi song (also presented in an unused orchestration) and Desi's vocals for a comedy sequence in which he sings a kind of faux-Italian opera.

Bronislau Kaper scored Forever, Darling during a "fairy tale" period in which he also scored The Swan and The Glass Slipper. He provided the irresistibly catchy title song (with lyrics by Sammy Cahn), sung in the film by The Ames Brothers as well as by Desi Arnaz, and magical, impressionistic scoring for the angel's appearances. Almost all of the monaural score is included (some minor cues had to be omitted due to deterioration), including outtakes. As a bonus, this CD includes the 45rpm single Desi Arnaz recorded with his orchestra of "Forever, Darling" (backed by "The Straw Hat Song") and released on MGM Records.

You can find this soundtrack CD on Screen Archives for $19.95. It is currently not available on Amazon.com. There is a limited amount of CDs available

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