April 16, 2007

Desilu Studios' The Untouchables Available on DVD

As reported on DVD Talk, The UnTouchables, a 1959 crime drama series produced by Desilu Studios is available.

The Untouchables' popularity peaked in 1960, when it reached eighth in the ratings, but criticisms continued to mount against it. Italian-Americans groused about its preponderance of Italian villains, while FBI officials were irked to see many of their real-life victories attributed to the fictionalized Untouchables. Even the Capone estate filed a $1 million lawsuit against Desilu Productions for profiting from the gangster's "likeness." By September of 1963, the show had run its course. ABC ended The Untouchables after 114 episodes.

The two-part pilot and 14 initial episodes are included in this set. You may find it for purchase on Amazon.com for $32.99.

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