March 21, 2007

Is "The Lucy Show" Series on DVD Far Behind?

With the recent release of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour on DVD which completes the "I Love Lucy" series, is Lucille Ball's next series, The Lucy Show, far behind?

According to Tom Watson, President and Founder of LucyFan who also was instrumental in putting together the DVD Set for CBS:
Hopefully, if this package sells well, we will be able to convince the powers-that-be at CBS that there is also a market for The Lucy Show. I'd love to see that series be given its due, along side many of the other sitcoms of the early 1960s.

The 1962-63 "premiere" season alone includes a long list of wonderfully funny shows: "Lucy Waits Up for Chris," "Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna," "Together for Christmas," "Chris' New Years Eve Party," "Lucy and Her Electric Mattress," "Lucy and Viv Put In a Shower," "Lucy Visits the White House," etc., etc.

So all you fans, get out there and purchase your DVD Set of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour which is released as the Last Season of I Love Lucy. You can find it at any retail store that sales DVDs or help support "Everything Lucy" by purchasing through our web site, The Everything Lucy Store.

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