February 28, 2007

DVD Review of Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

The final DVD release of "I Love Lucy" which is entitled as Seasons 7, 8 and 9 - which Lucy fans realize is actually "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" is set for release in only a few weeks.

Rob Klein reviewed the DVD and gave a detailed and fasanating account. It's a must read for all Lucy fans who are anticipating this release of the "Final Season of I Love Lucy" on DVD!

You will be able to find this DVD at any retail outlet or directly from the Everything Lucy website through Amazon.com! It is set for release on March 13th and should show up on the website under the DVD section from the the home page links on the right or in the local navigation. Help support Everything Lucy by purchasing directly through our website! Your purchase is guaranteed through Amazon.com.

This set features restored prints and they look fantastic, crisp and clear. The bonus features are exemplary and include deleted scenes, bloopers and original titles sequences. If that was not enough disc 2 features a film made for Westinghouse employees. It is shot like an episode of I Love Lucy but Desi and Lucy play themselves along with Vivian Vance and William Frahley. Desi gives a studio tour of all Desilu's movie studios documenting the studio property by helicopter. Including priceless footage of Motion Picture Center, where I Love Lucy was done, the old RKO Gower lot recently acquired at the time of the filming, and the old David O. Selznick Studios that had been owned by RKO since the 30s. The footage is incredible. In the fly by of the old Culver back lot as the helicopter reaches the end of the studio property the last facade is positively Tara from Gone With the Wind, which was shot there 20 years earlier. Unfortunately to an untrained eye most will not notice Tara or the Train Station set as it is not pointed out. This DVD set will become that of legend for containing this rare film. Thank you CBS video.

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