December 19, 2006

Lucy a Communist? TVLand Myths and Legends Explores

On January 31st at 10pm EST, TV Lands' Myths and Legends series, "Film Frights & Red Scares" will discuss among other things, whether Lucille Ball was ever a Communist.

TV Land takes a look at the most compelling and intriguing mysteries in Hollywood with the premiere of TV Land Myths and Legends on Wednesday's at 10pm EST in January. Produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions (Behind the Music and Little People, Big World), each 30-minute episode explores the truth behind these notorious stories.

"If there's one thing that people love to talk about, it's entertainment's most famous -- and infamous -- myths and legends," states Larry W. Jones, President, TV Land. "These mysteries are a part of the Boomer fabric, and this series examines the deepest, darkest and -- at times -- most unbelievable tales about Hollywood that have existed throughout the years."

TV Land Myths and Legends features original interviews, archival clips and appearances by celebrities -- many of whom had a direct connection to these legendary stories. Each episode explores extraordinary tales about Hollywood's most memorable stars, TV shows, films and music. The series examines the origin of these myths and rumors -- shedding light on some of pop culture's darkest mysteries.
For more information visit TV Lands News Release.

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