December 13, 2006

Larry Anderson as Guest Speaker on Internet Radio

As reported by Tom Watson of the Internet Fan Magazine Site, "All About Lucy", Larry Anderson will be a Guest on the Internet Radio Show produced by Shokus Video. Shokus Internet Radio Show, produced by Stu Shokus, will be personally airing a weekly program on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm EST.

Larry Anderson, who played in Lucille Ball's last television sitcom, Life With Lucy, as her son-in-law Ted MacGibbon will appear on the Shokus Live Radio Series December 27th.

Larry, besides being a gameshow host, has been a professional magician since he was 14 and has followed this career all his life. He was ofen performing his magic in between set changes during the production of Life With Lucy. Larry's latest project, "JawDroppers", is a video collection of magic tricks that he has performed.

To listen to the show on December 27th, visit the Shokus Internet Radio Site. To view the complete schedule of shows hosted by Shokus, vist Live365 Broadcast Scheduler.

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