November 17, 2006

Lucille Ball Makes One of Barbara Walters Bloppers

ABC is featuring a two-part Barbara Walters special which featured Lucille Ball talking about Desi Arnaz during the first part of the special.

Barbara Walters is celebrating three decades of primetime interviews with a lighthearted, poignant, and often hystical in "The Barbara Walters Special: 30 Mistakes in 30 Years", which aired last night, Thursday, November 16th with the remaining showing tonight Friday, November 17th at 10pm.

The special includes classic candid moments with stars including Al Pacino, Will Ferrell, Eddie Murphy, Lucille Ball, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, Teri Hatcher, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Jerry Seinfeld, President Ronald Reagan, and countless others.

In Mistake #21: Never talk about the ex-husband in front of the current husband. In an interview with Lucille Ball and new husband Gary Morton, Ball poignantly recalls her failed marriage to Desi Arnaz. Lucille Ball opens up about Desi Arnaz back in 1977 as she rarely had, calling him a "loser."

But as we all know, Lucy really loved Desi clean up until his death of cancer in December of 1986. Lucy last spoke to Desi only a month before his death in his hospital bed. It was evident that they still loved each other very much, as they continued to speak by telephone every single night until his death. Despite the divorce in 1961, he continued to send Lucy flowers every year on their wedding anniversary, which was November 19th.

The marriage of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was more than just one of television’s greatest marriages. Theirs was a marriage you wanted to work, a romance that you wanted to last, a love story that you wanted to stay true. In spite of many obstacles they tried to stay together, seemed to need each other. Like millions of Americans, I would say “I love Lucy and Desi”.

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