August 17, 2006

Lucille Ball Fur Coat Fetches Hefty Pricetag

Apparently, a fur coat that was once made exclusively for Lucille Ball went up for auction on eBay by an unknown seller. The asking opening bid was for $120,000 but there were no takers and the auction closed August 16th unsuccessfully. The seller's ID had no history and was only created this past July. Possibly, this is the reason there were no bids made on the apparent item.

The coat supposedly featured a gold lining and had the embroidered initials LB. Lucille Ball was to have owned the coat for many years and it was purported to be one of her most treasured possessions (and I thought it was the Backgammon Game). She then gave the coat as a gift to her long time friend Betty Grable so she would always have something special to remember her by. The Coat was then purchased at a Betty Grable Estate Sale. The coat was to have only been worn by Lucille and Betty.

According to the seller, a private collector contacted him/her about the fur coat and was willing to pay $150,000.

I'm always leary of items such as this that are supposed to have been of the personal collection of Lucille Ball. Although, I do own a fur hat and a vial of her Henna but both have been authenticated and have a COA. Now if I could find one of her wigs for sale ....

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