August 29, 2006

I Love Lucy stays on TV and Here's Lucy in Canada

TV Land had orginally removed "I Love Lucy" from their programming schedule. This would have been the first time that the famous redhead's Comedy series would not be aired since it first came to television in 1951. They have confirmed that the series, "I Love Lucy" will continue as part of the weekly programming for the upcoming season.

With the newly revamped web site, they will feature clips, retromercials, celebrity interviews and much more in their video player. Many clips of the most famous and popular scenes from "I Love Lucy" are being shown.

As for our neighbors to the north, Canada, they get a special bonus! The Sun-TV Network will be airing in sydication order, Lucille Ball's third TV Series, Here's Lucy. The scheduled episodes will begin to air at 1pm EST throughout the work-week on Monday, September 4th.

All I can say to my family in Canada - get your VCRs ready as I will be waiting for those tapes!

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