July 19, 2006

Lucy's 'Ethel' came from Cherryvale

Vivian VanceVivian Vance became one of America's best-loved "best friends" during the 1950s.

Playing second fiddle to Lucille Ball in the "I Love Lucy" series, Vance was Ethel Mertz - a frumpy housewife and landlord to Ball's zany Lucy.

Together they would create some of television's most comic and memorable moments.

Take for instance the time Ethel and Lucy decide to work on an assembly line at Kramer's Kandy Kitchen - the chocolates keep coming and coming, and both of them end up stuffing chocolates in their hats, blouses and mouths.

So good was Vance as Ethel that in 1954 she was awarded an Emmy for best supporting actress.

It was a long way from the little Kansas girl born Vivian Roberta Jones in Cherryvale on July 26, 1909.

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