April 11, 2006

Bid for 'I Love Lucy' Doll Sets Record in Auction

An "I Love Lucy" doll with red hearts on her apron and stains on her feet sold for an unexpectedly high price of $880 to a Buffalo, New York toy collector who outbid an Ohio dealer and a Lucille Ball fan club member.

I Love Lucy DollThe doll is a commemorative relic from the 1950s era of the TV show starring the comedian. It has Ball's blue eyes, red hair and now, a new perch in Noreen Binkowski's cabinet since it sold last week at the Lodge Auction House on Cazenovia Street in South Buffalo.

The price was higher than the $575 value estimate in Binkowski's guide book and an $815 selling price notice of a similar doll that the auctioneer spotted in the newspaper.

"I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows," said Binkowski who shares her collection of TV memorabilia and board games with her husband. "It just makes me laugh."

For the auctioneer Stephen L. Phillips the sale was fun for the surprise end price of $880 after bidding began at $200.

"We were all in shock," he said. It made him laugh to hear Binkowski walk out clutching a box with the doll inside as she said, "I just had to have it. I just had to have it."

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