January 30, 2006

Columbia House's I Love Lucy Collectors Edition Cancelled

Last week as I was surfing various sites for news on Lucy, I came across a posting on The Lucy Lounge forum regarding the I Love Lucy Series 6 DVDs from Paramount and asked if anyone had heard about the Columbia House version.

For the past 4 or so years, I have been collecting the I Love Lucy Collectors Edition DVDs from Columbia House. They actually released their VHS version back in the 1980s and I had never completed that series, so when they came out with the DVD version, I subscribed. Usually they ship their DVDs out one at a time until the season is completed and by the time Columbia House was completed, Paramount would then release their box set.

I don't know whether they stopped short on the VHS version as well but they have decided not to continue the very last season!! The emails and responses:

MY EMAIL: I am a collector of the I Love Lucy series that you have put out. The last
shipment was Season 5 which completed back in June of last year. I was wondering when Season 6 will be coming out for the I Love Lucy Collectors Edition DVDs?

CH RESPONSE: You have been sent all volumes that are currently available in the 'I LOVE LUCY' TV Greats series. If, in the future, additional volumes are offered, you will be notified.

MY EMAIL RESPONSE: Thanks for the reply, but that isn't quite what I had asked. I heard a rumor and I am trying to find out if it is true. The question is - "Are you going to release Season 6 of the I Love Lucy Collectors Edition". The rumor is that you are not. That you have lost money and are letting Paramount release their version instead. So are you planning on doing Season 6 or not? A Yes or No will suffice. Your response is the canned response that is showing up on various forums. If you are not going to release Season 6, then do you have a reason? If you made it all the way to Season 5, it is really terrible to stop and not release the last and final season and doesn't fit well with your marketing abilities nor your customers attitude towards possible future releases of any TV series. I'd personally be afraid from now on to get anything in fear that you would "Stop Short" and never finish the series. I'd appreciate a more detailed answer then the canned answer you have provided to my question.

CH RESPONSE: Unfortunately, the following selection is not available at this time. I Love Lucy Season 6. Since we continually add new selections to our inventory, please watch future printed materials as well as our website for updates.

So, they are not going to respond with anything other then the canned talking points that their customer service is told to answer. Which is a shame.

So for those collecting the Columbia House version, you'll have to complete your collection with the Paramount version which is due out May 2nd. Hopefully Paramount will continue and release the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" followed by Lucy's other TV Series, The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. Time will tell and if I hear any more, I will post it here on the Everything Lucy blog.

If you are interested in sending Columbia House an email in response to discontinuing their series, you may do so at qjdu@columbiahouse.com.

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