November 01, 2005

Still Popular in the Afterlife

Dead celebrities are in enough demand that a market research firm has begun rating their popularity with consumers. Marketing Evaluations Inc. of New York compiles the "Dead Q" list, which can help advertisers find reposing talent to pitch a certain product.

The most popular dead celebrity of all time, according to the latest list, is Lucille Ball. The comedian, who as the character Lucy Ricardo on the "I Love Lucy" show once did a TV commercial for a concoction called Vita-meata-vega-min, found work after death doing commercials for the California Lottery.

This year's "Dead Q" list ranks these top 10 dead celebrities as the most popular among 169 choices, based on opinion polling conducted in May.

1. Lucille Ball
2. Bob Hope
3. John Wayne
4. Jimmy Stewart
5. Charles Schulz
6. Red Skelton
7. Johnny Carson
8. John Ritter
9. Jackie Gleason
10. Michael Landon

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