November 11, 2005

Missing Out on Lucille Ball Items and News?

If you haven't registered on "Everything Lucy" as a member, then you just missed out on the email announcments on what's new and what's rare! But it's not to late, you can register TODAY and be sure you won't miss out on any offers for the upcoming Christmas Season!

Many updates have taken place on "Everything Lucy"! A new Member Login for our "Preferred Members Only" area has been completed. Members can now login to access their special membership page. This new area displays content that is customized to your preferences based on your registration. Much more is planned for this area in the upcoming year! So be sure to visit your membership page, created just for you!

As a Preferred Member, you may have access to the Members Only Store, where you will find all the Lucy Specials being offered on DVD! These shows are all rare and hard to find collectables that you won't find in retail. So Don't Miss Out on these special DVDs! Login to your Members Only section TODAY! Start your collection now or expand the one you already have! You can't beat the deals you will find!

You must register and login separately to the Everything Lucy Store when ordering. This will be changed in the future to allow a smoother process between our preferred members only area and the store ordering process.

The regular Everything Lucy Store now has dynamic links to products! Check out the DVDs, VHS, Books, Music and Collectables! The collectables area will be expanding to include more products from other affiliates.

You can help support "Everything Lucy" by ordering through the Everything Lucy Store or better yet, become a member and order your Christmas videos through the Members Only store!

Without your support, we cannot continue to offer all the Lucy News on the Internet along with video clips and expanding information all for free. So help support us and think about those gifts for Christmas!

Don't let us close down our internet doors! Help support our continued success by becoming a member and making a purchase TODAY!

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