July 14, 2005

Stone Pillow DVD in Retail Stores Now!

Lucille Ball's final movie, Stone Pillow, has been released to the retail market and is available at most DVD Stores as well as online. This 1985 made-for-tv movie features Lucy as a down and out bag lady named Florabelle, living on the streets of New York City. This CBS Drama first aired on November 5, 1985 and has been shown several times on Cable since that time.

Lucy suffered severe dehydration as a result of the intense New York heat and the heavy clothing she had to wear. Lucy never fully recovered from the dehydration, and suffered a couple mild strokes. Lucy's character "Florabelle" was named in honor of her grandmother, which was her name as well.

This movie had made it's circuit in the "underground" and was available through these channels which were either VHS or DVD copies taped from the movie when it aired on television. But due to the many requests for the movie, the movie has been released on DVD!

Make sure you don't miss this TV legend in her final movie performance. The list price for the DVD is $9.95 and is available in retail as well as Amazon.com.

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