June 08, 2005

"I Love Lucy" Action Figures

Children of the 1950's played with "I Love Lucy" paper dolls, colored in "I Love Lucy" coloring books, and read "I Love Lucy" comics. And fifty years later, children are still growing up enjoying the classic TV series. Proof of this is in the recent development of "I Love Lucy" Action Figures planned to be released this fall in time for the Holiday 2005 gift-giving season. Each poseable figure is 8" tall and will cost $14.95 each. As with the Lucille Ball Barbie Collection from Mattel, there are plenty of adults adding these to their holiday list! If purchased through the Lucy-Desi Museum's Web Store, proceeds benefit the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Lucille Ball's hometown, Jamestown, New York.

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