May 13, 2005

TVLand showing I Love Lucy

I came home tonight to find Lucy on TVLand! I guess Friday the 13th isn't that unlucky! From 5pm until 8pm, I Love Lucy episodes were played. Episode 103 - Ricky's Movie Offer, 104 - Ricky's Screen Test, 105 - Lucy's Mother-In-Law, 106 - Ethel's Birthday, 107 - Ricky's Contract, and 108 - Getting Ready. These were the episodes prior to their trip to California.

I know they play Lucy during the morning hours, but I'm at work and never get to enjoy them. Although, I do have the I Love Lucy series on DVD through Columbia House. They're up to Season 5 now - only one more season and I have the complete series on DVD. I hope they follow this up with the Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour, which some people view as the "7th season" of I Love Lucy.

Apparently, TVLand's new broadcast schedule started the beginning of the month and last Friday was a "mini" marathon as well. Is this going to be the new Friday evening entertainment?

Hope they also put back Mary Tyler Moore Show!

1 comment:

  1. Let's hope they keep airing these Mini-Marathons of I Love Lucy! They just started this. It's the second week they've been showing a Mini-Marathon of ILL.


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